Monday, October 5, 2009

New Fall Shows, 2009

An uphill battle
To get Glee Club back on top
Don't stop believin'

"Melrose Place"
Warning to tenants:
This building isn't normal
Consider moving

"The Vampire Diaries"
Just what we needed
More pop-culture bloodsuckers
Thanks, CW!

"The Beautiful Life"
Did you miss this one?
So did the rest of the world
That's why it's canceled

"The Good Wife"
Add a sex scandal
To a law procedural
And you've got a hit

"The Forgotten"
How aptly titled
It's so easy to forget
Such a boring show

Exploding tankers!
And crashing helicopters!
In scenic San Fran

Glimpsing the future
During a global blackout
Talk about trauma

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