Sunday, October 25, 2009

Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.0

With Tigh in command
Galactica finds the fleet
Then gets invaded

"Valley of Darkness"
Boarded by Cylons
The ship is a scary place
And so is Kobol

Bill hates martial law
But that doesn't stop Saul Tigh
From frakking things up

They escape the brig
And with help from Tom Zarek
They'll hide in the fleet

"The Farm"
She makes a promise
When she gives him her dog-tags
She'll come back for him

Time to heal the wounds
Put the fleet back together
They're still family

They open the tomb
And see the constellations
That will lead them home

"Final Cut"
Dogged reporter
And self-proclaimed patriot
Also a Cylon

"Flight of the Phoenix"
More than just a ship
It's proof that we won't give up
It's an act of faith

At first like a dream
And then more like a nightmare
Meet Admiral Cain

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