Monday, July 20, 2009

Lost, Season 4

"The Beginning of the End"
Grief over Charlie
And fear about his warning
Splits the camp in two

"Confirmed Dead"
Their primary goal
Isn't exactly rescue
They came here for Ben

"The Economist"
He'll leave the Island
But Sayid will not escape
Bloodshed, grief, or Ben

Bouncing back and forth
Kate's nothing if not fickle
Now it's back to Jack

"The Constant"
He's always loved her
She never gave up on him
They'll find each other

"The Other Woman"
Where he wants to be
Master manipulator
Always in control

"Ji Yeon"
Safe and sound at home
Sun will have their baby girl
But Jin won't be there

"Meet Kevin Johnson"
One more Island rule:
Apparently, you can't die
Unless it lets you

"The Shape of Things to Come"
Ben's after Penny
Widmore wants his island back
So, the hunt is on

"Something Nice Back Home"
Back home, they're engaged
But with secrets between them
It doesn't last long

"Cabin Fever"
John finds the cabin
And is assigned his next task:
To move the Island

"There's No Place Like Home"
Keamy's team is back
We have to get to the boat
Before it's too late

A flash of white light
And the Island disappears
When Ben turns the wheel

Rescued by Penny
They can finally go home
But they have to lie

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