Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lost, Season 5

"Because You Left"
Desmond is special
Unique and miraculous
Dan asks him for help

"The Lie"
Hurley won't go back
He'd rather go to prison
He tells Mom the truth

Nineteen fifty-four
Young Widmore's on the Island
And so is a bomb

"The Little Prince"
Traveling through time
Sawyer briefly glimpses Kate
But what's done is done

"This Place Is Death"
Time-travel sickness
Is more than a bloody nose
Just ask poor Charlotte

Ajira Airlines
A way back to the Island
Don't forget Dad's shoes

Fasten your seatbelts
'Cause we're not going to Guam
No turning back now

Sayid's in handcuffs
Hurley's got a guitar case
Ben reads Ulysses

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
Saved from suicide
And then shockingly murdered
John Locke lives again

Sawyer has a plan
After all, he's a con man
He knows how to lie

He lies to buy time
But two weeks becomes three years
Turns out, life is good

His name's Jim LaFleur
Well, actually, it's Sawyer
No, wait, it's James Ford

James and Juliet
Found happiness together
Can their love survive?

Life in Dharmaville
Was going pretty nicely
Until they showed up

Jack is a workman
That's where his aptitude lies
He's not a thinker

"He's Our You"
Oldham is "our you,"
Sawyer tells old friend Sayid,
The one that tortures

Sayid tells the truth
But no one will believe him
It's just too crazy

"Whatever Happened, Happened"
Kate wants to save Ben
She takes him to the Others
Questionable plan

Cassidy tells Kate
Why she fears losing Aaron
"Because you took him"

"Dead Is Dead"
Ben wants to be judged
For what happened to Alex
Smokey lets him live

"Some Like It Hoth"
Miles and his dad
Have some issues to work out
Hurley tries to help

Hurley is writing
A sequel for George Lucas
He's a bad speller

"The Variable"
Poor little Daniel
He wants to play piano
Mother won't let him

Dan sees his true love,
Charlotte, as a little girl.
He tries to warn her.

Dan's got a theory
Constants and variables
Are both important

Widmore is his dad.
As for his Mom? She shoots him.
It's tough to be Dan.

Daniel Faraday
Is a brilliant physicist
But Mom still shoots him

The good news is that
Desmond Hume is still alive.
The bad news? Dan's not.

"Follow the Leader"
Jack goes for a swim,
In search of the bomb, "Jughead,"
While Locke plots murder.

"The Incident"
Two players, two sides
One is light, and one is dark
It only ends once

Now they have a bomb
It's always something with them
Will their plane still crash?

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  1. Yay for the Desmond haiku! But I think my favorite line is in the Dan (RIP) haiku, "As for his mom? She shoots him!" Funny line, but poor Dan.