Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Fall Shows 2011

When you're on the lam
It sure can come in handy
To have a twin sis

"The Secret Circle"
Pure CW
Teenage angst and the occult
The go-to combo

Guess she doesn't think
Living well's the best revenge
She wants them to pay

"Charlie's Angels"
Here we go again
Flashy clothes, heavy makeup
Cheesy dialogue

"Person of Interest"
Constantly watching
A mysterious machine
Senses future crime

"A Gifted Man"
Surprising visits
From the ghost of marriage past
Make jerk a nice guy

"Pan Am"
Four stewardesses
Have adventures in girdles
Serve drinks, see the world

"Hart of Dixie"
Insulting the South,
The medical profession,
Small towns, and the blind

"Terra Nova"
Humankind's last hope
The ultimate do-over
In the distant past

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