Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Fall Shows 2010

Recruited to kill
She was free, but she came back
Now she's after them

Why not just call it
"Bring It On: The TV Show"?
Kind of a rip-off

This one's just silly
Totally ridiculous
Why, Jimmy Smits, why?

"The Event"
So mysterious
Even the Prez doesn't know
What the Event is....

"Lone Star"
One Texan, two lives
A con man with a conscience
Too bad it's cancelled


  1. I loved these capsule comments (in the form of haiku). You really captured the essence of these new shows, Elle Dee.

    PS Jimmy Smits, you deserve a much better show.

  2. Nice work.... wish I knew what the Event was, too... but I do know why Lone Star was cancelled - pretty lame. Funny how Nikita became such a franchise.