Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wire, Season 1

"The Target"
Jimmy McNulty
Will pay a price for caring
When it's not his turn

"The Detail"
A company man
Daniels knows the game is rigged
But he has to play

"The Buys"
The package won't change
They do worse and get paid more
This is forever

"Old Cases"
Thirteen years, four months
Stuck in the Pawn Shop Unit
Writing index cards

"The Pager"
Making progress now
Even Prez isn't useless
He can crack the code

"The Wire"
Brandon's brutal death
Creates unlikely allies
While it haunts Wallace

"One Arrest"
They know something's up
Stringer and Avon are smart
They tear out the phones

Jimmy's a great dad
His kids play front-and-follow
And get Stringer's plates

"Game Day"
A scavenger hunt
Futile to follow the drugs
Follow the money

"The Cost"
A pointless buy-bust
Puts Kima undercover
And it gets her shot

"The Hunt"
Sending a message
Putting drugs on the table
Just a photo op

"Cleaning Up"
He thought he was home
He thought they were family
And then they killed him

Dee and his uncle
Are both going to prison
But the game goes on

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  1. Cool... now that I have watched these episodes, I can truly appreciate these haiku! Thanks for sharing.