Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost, Season 3

"A Tale of Two Cities"
Sawyer's in a cage
Kate's breakfasting on the beach
Jack meets someone new

"Further Instructions"
Clean up your own mess,
A vision of Boone tells John,
So he saves Eko

"The Glass Ballerina"
Caged and forced to work
Kate and Sawyer plot escape
While they're being watched

"Every Man For Himself"
Pointless to escape
This is another island
There's nowhere to run

"The Cost of Living"
He's unrepentant
He did what he had to do
His last words: "You're next."

"I Do"
A small incision
Buys them an hour's head start
Leaving Jack behind

"Not In Portland"
A tempting offer
A job not quite in Portland
Became a prison

"Flashes Before Your Eyes"
Reliving his past
Could be Desmond's second chance
But fate pulls him back

"Stranger In a Strange Land"
They are outsiders
Lonely, frightened, and angry
They have both been marked

"Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
Have a little hope
Believe good things will happen
And make your own luck

"Enter 77"
With a prisoner
And a map to the barracks
They're off to find Jack

"Par Avion"
They are connected
They are brother and sister
They just don't know it

"The Man From Tallahassee"
Go right ahead, John
Sure, blow up the submarine
Then say hi to Dad

Two crash survivors
Obsessed with stolen diamonds
Are buried alive

"Left Behind"
They just disappeared
Leaving Juliet behind
Taking John with them

"One of Us"
Protected by Jack
She seeks to win the camp's trust
Just as Ben had planned

Charlie doesn't die
Someone falls out of the sky
She knows Des, but why?

Bad news and good news
Island conception means death
But at least it's Jin's

"The Brig"
He had it coming
He ruined both of their lives
James got the job done

"The Man Behind the Curtain"
In a dark cabin
Ben talks to an empty chair
And says it's Jacob

"Greatest Hits"
The plan is in place
They're coming, but we're ready
Blow 'em all to Hell

"Through the Looking Glass"
Charlie gives his life
To secure rescue, then warns:
It's not Penny's boat

Flashing forward now
We were not supposed to leave
We have to go back

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