Friday, July 3, 2009

Lost, Season 2 (Part 2)

"The Long Con"
To possess the guns
And wanting to be hated
Sawyer played them all

"One of Them"
Still a torturer
Sayid feels no guilt this time
He's sure he's lying

"Maternity Leave"
It's all coming back
Claire remembers what happened
When Ethan took her

"The Whole Truth"
Happy news for Sun
She's going to be a mom
Is Jin the father?

Trapped inside the hatch
John's helped by the prisoner
Who's not who he says

Seeing what's not real
Makes Hurley think he's crazy
Libby might be, too

Rose knows John's secret
And she has one of her own
This place healed them both

"Two For the Road"
The man who came back
Is not the Michael who left
Now he's a killer

John is losing faith
All of this is meaningless
But Eko believes

"Three Minutes"
He's been compromised
Michael will do anything
To get his son back

"Live Together, Die Alone"
Dickens-loving Des
Shipwrecked and stuck in the hatch
Caused the plane to crash

Bags over their heads
Prisoners of the Others
Betrayed by Michael

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