Friday, June 5, 2009

Lost, Season 1 (Part 2)

"Raised by Another"
We are not alone
One of us is one of them
Claire is in danger

"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
Jack saves Charlie's life
But the Others wanted Claire
And now they have her

"Whatever the Case May Be"
Inside a locked case
Is something Kate cherishes
Not to mention guns

"Hearts and Minds"
No blood relation
Step-sibling sex is still weird
Boone needs to let go

The odds are not good
But Michael is determined
He'll build his own raft

Ethan is captured
But there's no time for questions
'Cause Charlie shoots first

Haunted by nightmares
And whispers in the jungle
He killed the wrong man

"...In Translation"
Walt's the one to blame
When the raft goes up in flames
He likes Island life

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